How T-Mobile is Growing Their Retail Footprint
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Sarah Osmer, VP of Retail Go to Market & Merchandising at T-Mobile, and E.Y. Snowden, CEO of One Door, will describe the T-Mobile retail growth journey, and their approach to delivering better customer experiences at retail.

Specifically, they will:
  • Illustrate operational advancements that fueled T-Mobile's rapid growth
  • Speak to how T-Mobile enhanced their store experience while driving down costs
  • Share insights from One Door's annual survey of 250 retailers
Additionally, this session will outline best practices for improving localization to meet the demands of today's retail customers.
Sarah Osmer, VP, Retail Go To Market & Merchandising, T-Mobile

As T-Mobile’s VP of Retail Go To Market & Merchandising, Sarah Osmer is responsible for retail products, offers, and program launches, accessories, merchandising, store design, flagship stores, and branded gear. Her team is tasked with leading game-changing retail experiences for customers and the frontline, while driving growth and transformational improvements.

Prior to joining T-Mobile, from 2001-11, Sarah served in a variety of leadership positions at Starbucks Coffee Company. While at Starbucks, she led the health & wellness food and beverage strategy, launching smoothies and oatmeal, as well as countless new beverages such as Banana Coconut Frappuccino and Chantico. Prior to Starbucks, Sarah held category management positions at Wild Planet Toys, and launched a popular line of Girls Activities toys. Sarah is a Ducks fan having received her BA in History/Latin American Studies from the University of Oregon, followed by a MSBA at San Francisco State University.
E.Y. Snowden, CEO, One Door

E.Y. Snowden is responsible for setting corporate direction and strategy for One Door, and for ensuring that the Company's culture is enabling it to be the best place to work. He brings over three decades of wireless, retail, and software expertise to One Door, and his expertise in crafting and leading high-performing organizations has been honored as Fortune Magazine’s 25 Very Cool Companies to Work For, and Boston Business Journal’s 25 Best Places to Work. E.Y. currently serves on the Board of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.

Prior to One Door, E.Y. was President or CEO of APC/Sprint Spectrum, BCGI, Raging Mobile, Tatara Systems, and Universal Optical. In these roles, pioneering activities included launching texting in America, prepaid billing to enable youth on mobile, cellular plans with buckets of minutes, shape-memory metal eyewear, and SIP-based mobile convergence server. He earned a BS in Mathematical Sciences at Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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