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Automate In-Store Compliance with Image IQ

AI-powered automation streamlines the compliance process, reducing manual labor and eliminating the need for expensive on-site audits.

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Real-time feedback for store teams

Provide store teams with real-time feedback on their displays, enabling them to set up new promotions and campaigns accurately and efficiently without HQ intervention.

Trustworthy compliance data

Generate reliable compliance statistics from the very first day of implementation. This data can be used by visual merchandisers and HQ teams to make informed decisions and measure the impact of their efforts accurately.

Reduced costs

Eliminate time-consuming photo reviews by immediately sorting through analyzed compliance photos to approve, revoke, or provide feedback. 

Single visual merchandising workflow

Leverage a cohesive and efficient workflow in our already existing platform, enabling stores to upload compliance photos as part of the standard compliance process and automatically evaluate them without manual intervention.

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Danny Paisley

"Image IQ has been a game-changer for Comcast. The real-time feedback and automation it provides have streamlined our compliance processes, saving us valuable time and resources. We can see compliance insights the moment it’s implemented without having to add another manual process into our workflow.

Image IQ has empowered us to create consistent and impactful in-store displays, empowering store employees and executives alike with the confidence we’re getting displays right the first time. One Door's commitment to innovation is evident, and Image IQ has become an invaluable tool for our success."

- Daniel Paisley, Director – Retail Merchandising Operations at Comcast



Image IQ is a patented, innovative AI-powered feature that automates the identification of compliant and noncompliant in-store displays. It utilizes Computer Vision technology to empower store associates to address compliance issues immediately while delivering reliable compliance analytics to teams at headquarters. Image IQ seamlessly integrates with One Door's role-based workflows, enhancing overall retail performance.

"By making the process easier to follow, we have seen better execution and reduced the number of merchandising errors."

Aaron Pyles
Senior Director of Retail Operations, Best Buy

"At Telstra, we are focused on delivering a superior customer experience across all our retail stores, One Door will allow us to consistently deliver regardless of each store’s unique footprint, tailor the experience based on customer preferences, and provide better transparency into store merchandising quality and compliance."

Andrew Carlson
Head of Retail Operations, Telstra Retail

"As we continue to tailor and localise our range in different stores, it’s important we draw on the best technology to make it simpler for our stores to execute for our customers."

Doug Frank
General Manager Group Data & Analytics, Woolworths


The One Door Platform

The visual merchandising platform built for today’s retail. Today, visual merchandisers for thousands of stores rely on the digital capabilities of Our platform to create localized promotions, eliminate POP waste, and ensure that stores get set properly.

How can it help you?

  • Easily target and localize
  • Automatically generate exact counts
  • Help stores execute
  • See results in realtime
  • Get instant insights from your data

Plan, execute, communicate, and analyze

One Door’s platform helps you work collaboratively to create, communicate, and execute exceptional in-store experiences. It consolidates data, digitizes and streamlines processes, and enables real-time communication between internal teams, vendors, and stores so everyone is always on the same page.



Consolidate store attributes and automatically create plans tailored to each store.

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Provide an interactive experience and communicate in real-time with field teams.

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Close the feedback loop with field teams to quickly resolve issues that arise

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Track performance and measure compliance with total visibility into store execution.

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